Week 3

(04/18/16 - 04/24/16)

1. Meeting

Kea (the owner of Merin Designs) and I had a meeting on Monday where we touched base of the work we needed to get done for the next few weeks. It was really helpful to meet to make a list of the things we need to work on and it's been a very productive and busy week.

Here is a list of things I need to be working on the next few weeks:

  • Email marketing templet and content for Swoop + Merin promotion; create the layout and add the text and draft the instructions for the contest/giveaway so that we can finish polishing in the next meeting with the owner of Swoop.
  • Video for Swoop + Merin
  • Blog Post explaining the Giveaway/contest Merin + Swoop.
  • Tassel: We want to create a tassel to add-on the bags as a fun little accessory where the proceeds will help a local non-profit. I will be researching materials and how the tassel will look like. So for the next few weeks I will be working on this new product (I will be sharing the process here)
  • Social Media: like, comment and share in Instagram and engage with followers.
  • Product shot of a new Merin Bag that will be added in the website next week.
  • Add the new Merin bag into the website and write the product description.
  • Research the check-out page when customers buy a tote. She wants to redesign it, since the platform is through SquareSpace and they have a standard template. I will ask for help if necessary. Below is an example of something she would like, from Social Print Studio:

2. Swoop + Merin video

This is the short video I created for the promotion Swoop + Merin from the footage I too in the first meeting. (It still needs some work and to be polished.)

3. Meeting with Swoop + Merin

The owner of Swoop Bags (Sarah), the owner of Merin Designs (Kea) and I, met on tuesday to go over the details of the promotion, finish drafting the email that will be sent to the email subscribers and get on the same page of how the promotion should run and how long. I am enjoying this process and it is really fun to be a part of this promotion, where I am learning all the different steps of making a successful giveaway!

Sample of the email Draft I created for the meeting (this is only a small excerpt):

4. Tassel brainstorming

I've been doing some research of the different options of tassels out there and how they are all made. I also looked for the right materials to produce it. I will buy a few material samples to start working on the tassel. The materials I've been searching are Nylon twisted thread for the tassel and suede leather cord. Next week I will start experimenting with the materials to come up with a great product!

For inspiration, I created a private Pin Board in Pinterest to share with the owner:

Materials found:

5. Product Shots Orange + Lime bag

This is another bag I had to photograph this week to add to the website, so I followed the same process as here.

6. Social Media

The social media presence is really important for companies like Merin Design. I have access to all their social media platforms and I post here and there. I've been interacting, liking and commenting mainly in Instagram and Facebook.

From our Monday meeting and the post I did in Instagram

From our Monday meeting and the post I did in Instagram

Total hours worked: 22.5 hours