Week 4

These are the goals we've set up for this week:

  • Add product to the website
  • 2 Blog posts
  • Launch promotion/giveaway with Swoop + Merin (engage with social media, post Facebook, sent out email...)
  • Post in Instagram about the new product and engage with followers
  • Create short video

1. Montlake bag lifestyle shots

Last week I did the product shots of a new bag that will be added to the online store. This week I took a few pictures to post in Instagram when the product is up in the website.

Product on the website:

Captura de pantalla 2016-04-26 a las 21.26.04.png

2. Tassel update

There's not much improvement with the tassel project. I ordered the materials online so they will probably arrive next week and I will then be able to start working on it. I also made a trip to Joann Fabrics and Michael's Arts & Crafts to get some more ideas and got a few things that will help me on the assembling of the Tassel.

3. Social Media

This has been the social media week, I spent a lot of time engaging with followers, liking pictures, comenting and interacting with the goal of bringing people to the company's Instagram feed, which was really fun!

The goals of this promotion is to get new people to follow both Merin Designs and Swoop Bags on Instagram, so I've been tracking their website traffic, their email engagement and clicks and keeping track of the new followers and comments!

Day 1: Post was published at 9.30am and by 11am Merin Designs had gained 50 followers. By the end of the day they had 80 new followers

Day 2: I did a few posts as a reminder By day

Day 3:

Day 1 Post

Day 1 Post

Day 2 Posts

Day 3 video Post

Day 3 video Post

Our main goal was to gain followers and have new people discover Merin Designs and Swoop Bags. Below are some screenshots of the increase of following in the Instagram account. We started out with 1200 followers and now have 1400, 200 increase is not bad, knowing how hard it is to grow organically. The fact that followers had to tag their friends (with no limits of tags) was very effective.

Metrics from the traffic on the website the first day of the giveaway announcement!

4. Blog Post

One of the tasks I'm doing for this internship is keeping the company's blog up to date. This week I worked on two blog posts, one announcing the new (old) Merin Montlake bag that is up on the online shop and the other announcing the big Giveaway with Swoop + Merin

Blog post 1: Montlake Merin in the website

Blog post 2: Swoop + Merin Designs

For this blog post, I basically used the similar layout I created for the email marketing in order to be consistent.

5. Email Customers

This is the email I helped create for the Giveaway in MailChimp.

6. Learning and reflecting

I've been talking about the promotion/giveaway we are getting ready for with Swoop Bags + Merin Designs. We met this week to go through the strategy and how to be efficient and to run a successful giveaway. The goal is to create excitement, to encourage customers to engage and to increase the social media following.

We are asking customers to follow and tag and we tried to make it as easy as possible in order to do not loose interest along the way. The more action you ask in order to win the product, the more chances you have to loose potential customers along the way. So we tried to simplify it as much as possible and this are the steps to enter:

1. FOLLOW both Merin & Swoop on Instagram
2. LIKE this photo on both Merin & Swoop
3. TAG friends on this photo on both Merin & Swoop
(The more tags, the better your chance of winning!)

We are all learning this along the way since this is one of the first giveaway promotions I've been part of. We met this week again and we went through this article with some ideas and tips of how to make this giveaway as successful as possible.