I'm Elisenda Llaurado, I am originally from Spain living life and discovering my future in Washington State. 

I am an artist, children lover, a dreamer and I love new adventures.

I studied interior design in Barcelona and after I graduated I came to the US as an AuPair/Exchange Student. I am now a full time student pursuing a degree in Multimedia and Production Design at Lake Washington Institute of Technology here in Seattle.

I am passionate about children, color composition, textures, patterns and illustration. I have a deep love for photography as well. I use photography to express my personality, to capture what I see in my everyday life and it has helped me a lot to develop my creativity in so many different ways.

I love cultures and the different colors each country transmits. My dream is to make a difference in children’s lives and make the world a better place for them.

If you get to know me, I might randomly blurt out song lyrics that relate to what you just said.



Pitussa is my beautiful mother's nickname, the one who has always inspired me to see the world differently, with close attention to detail and to love color. She is my inspiration and my biggest fan.


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