Week 2


1. Product Shots (Merin in the USA)

We've been busy over here getting ready for the new Merin in the USA bags launch. I received the samples and I was asked to do the product shots for the website on a white background.

I had never done product shots before and I thought I would need more equipment, but what I did was get a roll of white paper that I had in my house, waited for the day to be a little cloudy, and I took it outside. I taped the paper on the door and placed the bag in the middle. Because it was a cloudy day, the bag wasn't too bright and didn't have shadows, which worked great.

After I took the pictures I edited them in Photoshop and since the background was white it was very easy to select it and delete it. I was very happy with the result.

Making off product shots:

Final result:

2. Product Shots update to Website

When the product shots were ready and edited, I uploaded them to the website and added them to the store. I added the verbiage for each product and added the features in the e-commerce.

Screenshots from the backend of the website:

Final product uploaded in the website:

3. Main Page new content

I created an image with text below each bag with its name and description. This is used in the main page, the Merin in the USA page in the website and for a marketing email that went out this week.

4. PDF

I had to create a simple pdf for the owner to have for wholesalers and personal stuff.

You can see it here.

Total hours: 11.5hours