Week 1

(04/04/16 - 04/10/16)

1. Swoop Bags + Merin Designs Cross-promotion (meeting 1)

Swoop Bags is another company Seattle based company with a similar story as Merin Designs and we decided to to a cross-promotion/giveaway. We met in the morning to shoot some pictures and videos for the promotion. I edited and selected the content and got the files ready for the web.

These are the final pictures that we will use for the promotion:

2. Logo redesign for Merin in the USA

From now on, the Merin Designs bags will no longer be made overseas, they moved production to a factory located in Portland, OR. For the marketing of these new bags, we decided to redesign the logo for any promotional content.

I also got the files ready to send to printer because we decided to make stickers out of the redesigned logo to send along with the new bags.

Original Merin Designs Logo:

Logo redesigned for the Made in the USA bags:




3. Packaging Postcard

We are getting ready to launch the new Merin made in the USA and I made this two design layouts on 5"x7" cards.


Total hours this week: 13.5 hours