Week 7

This week we focused on the video, finalizing details and we met a few times to go over the b-rolls, interview and making some changes to it.

Here is what we have so far (it is a very rough rough draft):

We've actually made some more changes since one of the video guys (Nathaniel) uploaded the video, but this is just a sample of what we have going on and were you can see the interview we did with Kea last week. We still need to add more b-rolls that we recorded this week and polish the sound.

I love being the ''creative director'' of a project like this, because I can see that my vision is coming to life, and I enjoy working with a team, where everyone brings its touch and work to it. Everyone is so involved and excited to work on this project and I think the final result is going to look amazing.

Here are some pictures of the behind the scenes: