Ryan James is 27

May 16, 2016

Celebrating him today!! I'm so thankful I got chosen to be his, not sure what I did to deserve it, but I'll take it! He runs with me waay too early in the morning to get the muffins I'm obsessed about and he doesn't make me feel like I'm nuts (eventhough I know that's what he thinks), he gets me and my crazy ways more than I do sometimes and (aside from my dad) he is the one who makes me laugh the most. Oh, and he listens to Celine Dion more than he would like to, but he never complains. Oh, love.... ☺️

I love you Ryan James, I hope I know how to make you feel extra special today.

"People are the best and worst thing that will happen to you. Some will help you go further, faster. Others will pull you down to their level and help you lose. Most are OK. Many are average. Some are excellent.
A few people will change your life forever. Find them." -
Nic Haralambous

Happy birthday my sweet James! I am pretty sure I'm the most blessed Elisenda Llaurado out there! I pray I know how to make you feel extra special on this day. My heart is growing every day and there's more and more room to love you. I don't know what I'm doing and I fail way more than I would like to, but if there's one thing I want to master is loving you in ways I've never experienced before... With all the vulnerability that it takes so that I can help you be the best you can be. Love is about that, really. You make me laugh like no one, you get me and my ways better than I do sometimes and I'm SO thankful to the Lord that he chose me to be yours. I want to be the one who listens to anything your heart needs to say, your cheerleader, because in a year and 8 months I've become your biggest fan. I just love the way you are, my love for you will keep growing each passing day but will never change.

I love you, more and more...

One of my presents to him this year was a set of two paintings. My love language to others is making something with my hands. Ryan is running out of walls though... and we've been daiting for less than two years. By year 30 he'll be able to open a gallery (In his basement thought ;) ).