Crown tutorial for Wild + Free

Crown inspired by "Where the Wild Things Are" for Wild + Free

2016-06-07 16.44.13.jpg

I have the pleasure of collaborating with the beautiful homeschooling community Wild + Free in some of their monthly content bundles.

Wild & Free is mostly an Instagram-based community (, but they also host events throughout the year and produce monthly content bundles packed with articles, how-tos, downloads, devotionals and media from inspiring homeschooling mamas from all over the world.

I mostly collaborate in their bundles mainly in their DIY/Craft section of the magazine. Every month the content bundle is inspired on a theme (DAYDREAMS, FATHERS, LIGHT, RAIN, CHERISH, TRAVEL, ADVENTURE) depending on the time of the year they are published and that's what defines the tutorial I am going to create.

This reversible crown tutorial was created for the CAMPFIRE (July) content bundle and was inspired by little Max from “Where the Wild Things are” (Donde Viven los Monstruos).

Before I start, I usually don't know how it's going to turn out and neverhave made the product before, so I usually look for inspiration on the web and then go resource for the materials. Then I find a pattern that fits what I'm trying to design and make changes to the design pattern to fit the concept I have in mind or I draft the pattern myself and work with trial and error to find the final product and I create one sample. I repeat the process from the beginning and take a picture of each step on a white background.

Snippets of the step by step:

My sweet boys helped me out styling the crowns, they were naturals and represented exactly what I wanted. For the past tutorials, I used girls as my models, since my products were a little more feminine, but this time I wanted to feature boys wearing the crown, even though this can be used by girls too! I just wish they would keep it always on ;).

I just want to thank Lucas and Colin for inspiring me daily, for being the highlight of my days, for making me laugh, for your love for my cinnamon toasts and for these last 4++ years of awesome fun and for teaching me how to be Wild + Free. Coming to your family four years ago has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.