My magician/clown costume

Do you follow Mer Mag's blog? Well, you have to. I got her book Playful a few years ago and it is so wonderful. I have been wanting to make some of the activities in there for some time now but it wasn't until this halloween that I decided to be inspired for my Halloween costume. I didn't go to any party or trick or treating with the boys, but making the costume, in my opinion, is the most fun part of this Holiday.

I was inspired by these two costumes that to me they are a mix between a clown and a magician. I loved how playful they look, so I did the paper mache hat from a tutorial from the book and the rest I just figured out how to.

Maybe it is not an adult costume (actually the book's name is Fun Projects to Make With + For Kids), but until I have kids of my own I will dress up like them!

I did everything myself, the pants I made them a while ago, they are velvet stretchy pants and thought they would go perfect with this years costume.

I made a mustard top, taking the pattern from an AMAE-Co top that I own, making some modifications and the collar was also pretty simple to make. You cut stripes of different heights and sew them together from the top and add an elastic around it. Then of course I topped it off with pompoms (my favorite thing to make).