This is a summary of some of my work for Merin Designs that includes, Web Design and content, Photography; lifestyle & product, Illustration, Layout, Social Media campaigns, Promotional Video and Icon Design.

Website Design

Switched platforms from Wordpress to Squarespace: transfer domain and build new e-commerce.

Content Design




Desktop Browsers.png


Icon Design

I designed several icons to use for the website. The first ones were for Merin Care, to show customers how to care for their bags. The second ones are placed on the footer of the website and they each take you to a different part of the website with useful information like Merin Care, Size Guide, Returns and FQA.

Merin Care: Washing Instructions

Merin Care: Washing Instructions

Footer Icons

Footer Icons


Redesign of the Made in the USA Logo

Merin Designs moved the production of Merin bags on 2015 from overseas to the USA (Portland, OR). This was a big change for the company and the product. We wanted to honor that and modify the original logo for the Made in the USA bags released on February 2016.

We made stickers with the new logo to go on the packages.



Photography for bag positions

Big Merin Positions

Big Merin Positions

Medium Merin Positions

Medium Merin Positions

Product Photography for online store

Merin_FALL 2017.png

Promotional Video of the company

Last Spring I collaborated with two colleagues from the Video and Motion Graphics program at LWIT to create a promotional video for Merin Designs, to tell the story of the company and interview the owner to use across all social platforms. I believe it's really important for the costumer to believe in your story, see the faces of those behind the product and design.


Story: Kea Rensch, owner and designer of Merin Designs

Art Direction and photography: Elisenda Llaurado

Video Production and editing: Nathanial Welch and Victoria Rose

Marketing video and promotions

Swoop Bags + Merin Designs collaboration:

Photography and video for the promotional content for social media platforms telling the story of both companies.

Helped increase 30% following for both companies

Rhody Lane + Merin Designs collaboration:



Social Media

Contest #colormymerin:

This was a contest we had to get customers to be a part of the new color design combinations. This was some of the content I created to promote the contest and encourage customers to participate through social media.

Contest #colormymerin contest cover page

Contest #colormymerin contest cover page



Technical Illustration - Parts of the Bag:

Captura de pantalla 2015-07-16 a la(s) 11.28.38.png

Creative Illustrations:

Creative Illustrations for the launch of the new colors Made in the USA.

Layout for Wholesale:


Captura de pantalla 2016-02-02 a la(s) 11.24.46.png