Lovers of Washington is a project that was created by Elisenda Llauradó and Tamara Marqués from all the experiences and adventures we had living in Washington.

Let me tell you what lovers love.
In Washington,
there are stories, fairytales, secret spots...
There are things that make you laugh and some that make you dream...

In Washington,
the forest is the garden of the world, under the rocks are flowers that haven´t grown up yet.
The trees wear colorful costumes.
Lakes shimmer, rivers roar and just beyond a vast ocean awaits where giants swim.

In Wahington,
you can feel with open eyes and dream without closing them.
The night is like a big hole in which you can hide.
Forest animals are the offspring of the moon.
And that's not all.

In Washington,
everything is always green because it rains over the rain, making lights reflect in the sky.
The sun slips softly, regretfully, to sleep in the cradle of the sea only to greet cascade peaks with buttery orange and yellow light upon the dawn.

In Washington,
there are wonders you must experience to believe. No poem can convey the beauty, no painting can mimic the vivid colors of mother natures brush. Yet a picture is worth a thousand words.
But that's not all...
Journey into our vision and see.

Written by Tamara Marqués