These are the 5x7'' cards I designed with a basic silhouette of a boy and a girl and incorporated the company's logo on it. We wanted to go for a simple design with room for the child to draw and color the  outfit, cut it and have fun with it.

Basic instructions on the bottom and text on the back about the story of the company and social media links.


Collaboration with Duchess and Lion, a beautiful and unique Children's Clothing Company. Duchess and Lion is a beautiful curated children’s clothing brand, ethically designed and produced in San Francisco.

I met Stacie Lucas, the Brand Director and Founder on Instagram on 2013 and we decided to collaborate as her brand was growing and moving her product from selling on Etsy to being an LLC.

I designed their collateral and packaging for the Fall/Winter Collection of 2014. I created these paper Dolls representing their children’s clothing line. Designed three different silhouettes, a paperdoll boy, a paperdoll girl and a head silhouette for their iconic head wraps. I then Illustrated the outfits of the season to go with the dolls, so that children could play and interact with the dolls.

I illustrated the outfits of the Fall/Winter '14 Collection and placed them on 5x7" cards. They were uploaded on the Duchess and Lion blog and parents were able to print the outfits to use for play with the paperdoll cards they received on their package.