This is the App Design mockup for Merin Designs. Below there's a full explanation of the

App Store Home Design:

This is how it would look if this App was available in the App Store. I used a similar design of anything you can find and personalized it to have

App Store mockup

App Store mockup


Hand Sketches:

Icon Development and Basic Functionality of the App:

After sketching everything on paper and designing every functionality of the App I went and transferred everything onto Illustrator, to finalize the Icons and Swatches. This simple layout gave me enough confidence to go into the next step of the design process.


Project Description:

{Project Goals}

-Design a visual prototype for a smartphone or tablet app

-Include four or more fully designed pages/screen mockups that suggest how the user would navigate through a task or tasks

-Emphasize solid UX and UI design in your process by including stages of research, personas, prototyping, user feedback and iterations of idea

-Demonstrate ability to build on existing icon conventions; if/when there are none, innovate, iterate and test new icons

-Build assets and layouts specifically to strengthen usability and visual appeal in your app via elements and principles of design

-Finish your prototypes by mocking them up as you would for a client presentation, or portfolio pitch at a job interview

  {Project Specs}

-The challenge in this project was to approach an app design from a new angle: usability.

-Create an app that provides good user experience.

-Aproach the project in stages like a larger company would.

-Analize who are the clients the product is for; Building Personas.

-What problem is the app solving for the user.

-What competitive apps are out there already created that could compete with ours; Market Research.

-Create UI icons or see how existing ones could work.

-Define visual aesthetics; Color, typefaces..

-Present prototypes in a convincing way.


App name: MERIN YOUR OWN for Merin Designs

Merin designs is a company that started here in Seattle. She created a bag with a waterproof bottom and interior pockets. The tagline is: ‘’The perfect tote bag that will keep your bottom dry’’. They’ve been producing the bags overseas and she is now on the transition of moving production to Portland, Oregon. This is a big change for a small/growing company and they are redesigning the product a little bit, adding some extra features like a zipper on the top.

I designed an app for the Merin Designs company called Merin Your Own where costumers can personalize their bags choosing their favorite color combinations for their bags and have the possibility to make them all with waterproof fabric or not. 

Also, the option to add the zipper or have the bag monogrammed.

My goal is to create a user friendly app with a clean look that represents the brand. An easy way to personalize your own bags and to share your Merin Love in social media in an easy way. 


The process I used to create this project:

-I chose the company I wanted to create the app for. I am a proud owner of a Merin bag and I love the company.

-What features would Merin Design benefit that they don't already have in their website:

          {Personalize bags}

          {Share pictures in social media of how and where they are loving their Merin bags}

          {Review the product}

 -Sketching the icons. This was an important step for the development of my project. I created different icons for the different actions of the app and layed them out. This helped me understant and organize the different elements.

I created different variations of some of the icons to decide which one worked better.


After I created this layout of all the designed elements and icons, the ideas were flowing and the app was developed naturally.

I learned a lot creating this project and thinking about the UE/UI side of a product. This will definetly help me in the development of future projects.

Seeing the examples published in Behance of other App presentations from other designers helped me to create a more professional presentation for my Portfolio.

I showed the App to the owner of the app and she really liked it and maybe in a future we will be creating a similar one.

I never knew creating icons would be so much fun!!