(Created on March 2014)

I wanted to honor one of my biggest inspirations growing up: the wonderful Carmen Miranda; ''The lady in the tutti frutti hat''. She brought so much joy and color to humanity in her short life and I wanted to recreate some of her best outfits into paper dolls. 

In this project I used Illustrator, experimenting with brushes and symbols to create textures and the color palate that I wanted to best represent Carmen Miranda.

Carmen Miranda was a Portuguese-Brazilian samba singer, dancer, Broadway actress and film star who was popular around 1930's-50's. She became popular on her appearance with the colorful and extravagant tutti frutti hat.

Here I attached some of her best pictures and songs with her performances, where she was wearing some of the dresses Illustrated.


About Carmen Miranda:

''Rebola a Bola'' - Carmen Miranda